Long Overdue and Still in Process

For two weeks I have been working on my next post. Not that I have been writing it, per se, but the research . . . this has been consuming time. I had forgotten how hard it was to write while holding a full-time job and having certain social obligations. Combine this with my personal computer giving up (this is being written on my wife’s computer), and the result is my absence from this new home on the web.

Enough excuses. What is coming up? Well, I am going to rush headlong into the battleground that is creation science and lend my very inexperienced voice to the debate. My background is in writing and philosophy, not so much science, so why should you listen to me? I can’t really say, but I intend to be fair. I do not wish to TELL people what to think as to MAKE them think. My plan is to hear out both (or all three) sides (which I will outline in greater detail sometime this week). I hope you will take the time to read, and no matter where you find yourself on the debate, feel free to chime in with ideas and suggestions for further resources. I want to give everyone a fair hearing on this.


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