Let’s Dialogue

These are the thoughts I jotted down during worship this morning. I often wrestle with matters of faith and life during the worship service at church.

“What is reason? What is logic?

If God exists in a different plane of reality, extra-dimensionally, then how much does our reason and logic apply? Can a line infer the existence of a cube? Can a line know of a cube by reason and logic without the cube making itself known?

God has given us the ability to reason, but where are the limits of human reason in light of extra-dimensional intelligence? Perhaps conflicting interpretations of the same evidence are not indications of one side being right and the other being wrong, but a signal that we have reached a boundary of human understanding. That we either need more data to interpret, or that we are looking at something we are incapable of interpreting.

Is this boundary where faith begins?”


One thought on “Let’s Dialogue

  1. I think sometimes our attempts to collectively understand God can be compared to two ants on opposite sides of a giant Rubik’s polygon. (We’ve all seen those things in the Think Geek catalog, right?) One ant is saying, “The object is a triangle, and it’s blue, red, and purple.” The other one is saying, “No, it’s a pentagon, and it’s green, yellow, and orange.” They’re both right and they’re both wrong, and neither one of them may ever get the complete picture, and by the time they come close, some idiot might come along and scramble the polygon all over again. Then the two ants will get in an argument over whether the polygon is capable of changing, and if so, does that mean it really *is* the polygon they thought it was, and whether one ant is a blind-faith conservative and the other is a relativistic liberal, and whether either of them cares about The Truth, and whether Truth even exists……


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