The Pakistan Flood

The most-recent environmental tragedy is going virtually uncovered in the U.S. Media. The monsoon season has left much of Pakistan flooded. Millions of people are affected as they lose their homes, succumb to illness or injury, or face lost jobs due to the flood destroying cotton and other crops. While the US does lead in amount of aid sent, the media is spending very little airtime on this crisis. Compare this to the Haiti earthquake or the tsunamis a few years ago. Pakistan is no less deserving of our attention and efforts.

Why is this being ignored? Perhaps Pakistan seems too foreign to the average American. Haiti is fairly close to home. And yet, even if the offering of humanitarian aid is unappealing, we have to remember that if we don’t help, others will. The Taliban has been offering aid and that aid seems to come with an anti-West message. When future generations in Pakistan look back on this flood, they may not remember the money that was sent. They will remember the people who helped them. They will remember the faces and the message that come with them.

If we show interest, news coverage will come. As long as the ratings don’t support it, Pakistan will be ignored. We have to show interest, we have to help, and we have to keep letting people know.  Remember, that $7 million dollars was raised in a mere 24 hours for Haiti via text messaging.  We can help again.

Food for the Hungry

Save the Children

Concern USA



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