You Are A Winner! Maybe!

“When everyone is super, then no one will be.”–Syndrome from “The Incredibles”

I work at a second-hand bookstore. We look at hundreds of used books each week. These books range from popular to obscure, the profound to the amusing. Sometimes the amusing nature of books is quite unintentional. Since our store deals primarily in Christian books, there are some great topics. Naturally we have the long-debated controversies about Christianity and rock music, whether or not Christians should drink alcohol, and the ever-popular ‘Are Catholics REALLY Christians?’ The subjects and debates contained in these books are often coming from well-meaning people, sometimes manipulative self-righteous people. But yesterday we got in a great book about self-empowerment and sperm.

Yes, you read that correctly. Now I wish to clarify that I don’t believe this book has a Christian bent to it. I think it is merely a part of the wide-ranging self help moment. But the premise of this book is that you are inherently a winner, a special person, just because your sperm was the one that got through. Since your sperm fertilized the egg oh so long ago, you are naturally a success story. Remember your roots.

As I pondered this concept, I became aware of one inherent flaw: every person who ever lived also won. Sure, I’m a winner because my initial source was awesome, but everyone else I meet is also a winner. How do I brag about this? How do I rub it in? I can’t very well turn to someone and say, “You are a LOSER! You didn’t make it and I am AWESOME! You should be more like me!” The very fact that this person exists invalidates my pride and arrogance.

I’m a winner.

And so is everyone else.


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