Writing, Blogging, Lost, and Doctor Who

My wife and I had an extended time in bed this morning and before you go there, no, it did not involve anything particularly sensual.  We were talking about Lost.  We were engaging in the routine discussions of how disappointed we were and trying to figure out what went so wrong on the show.

Over on Popgun Chaos, my friend Cody posted a few thoughts on the new show The Walking Dead, and one of his points is that he is trying to find a show that fills the void left by Lost.  I completely sympathize with this.  My wife and I have spent hours discussing the characters, the mythology, and where the show could (but inevitably didn’t) go.  And despite our disappointment with the ending, we don’t regret our time watching Lost, nor do we regret our time discussing it.  We keep wondering how the show will hold up when we go back to re-watch it, something we plan on doing, even though we dread re-watching season six.

I work just under 40 hours a week (I believe I hit about 37, but sometimes stay longer for store credit), which doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing.  As it is, I think I do about six to eight hours per week writing, and that is usually on one project, my Doctor Who blog.  I started that blog as a way to force myself to have content six days a week with a ready-made topic.  It is easy to watch a 25 minute episode, make notes, and write a review.  It has also been fun.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave me with time for other project (nor do I get any money from it, but that is another issue altogether).  Thus, when I hit upon the idea of a Lost blog that accomplishes the same thing as the Doctor Who blog, I was at once excited and overwhelmed.  I would love to cover the entire series of Lost, analyzing each episode on its own merits and how it fits into the meta-narrative of Lost.  I would love to point out unfulfilled expectations and plot-lines that go nowhere.  I would love to offer up suggestions on how things could have been tweaked and improved.  Sadly, despite being quite motivated to do this, I don’t think I have time.  Maintaining the Doctor Who blog takes up a good portion of my writing time, and since it doesn’t pay, I cannot cut back on my hours at work to devote to the Lost blog, which I really, really want to do even as I write about it now.  I’m certainly open to suggestions on how to make this come to pass, but at the moment I’m just venting my frustration.

And if you have any interest at all in Doctor Who, feel free to check out The Edwardian Adventurer.  Every episode of Doctor Who will be covered–in order.


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