LOST – An Alternative Ending

I’m not sure how many times I will say it, but I found the ending to Lost rather unsatisfying.  I felt that certain revelations in the finale were not adequately set-up, not fitting the pieces that we had been given over the six years of the show.  I felt that the writers had an ending in mind, but the show evolved beyond that original vision and they didn’t recognize it.  In the months since the ending of Lost, I have been trying to reconcile this show to itself, trying to find a way to make sense of the pieces.  In essence, I have been in mourning.

First, we get rid of this nonesense.

Today, after giving a lot of thought to the show and discussing things with my wife, I have attempted to create a new end that takes as many pieces as possible from the show, but tie them together in a way that not only reconciles the conflicts set up on the show, but explain the nature of the Island and provides an emotionally satisfying ending.  So, here is New LOST Ending Version 1.0

First, we posit that the flash sideways is indeed a parallel reality, something that was hinted at but confirmed to be incorrect in the original ending.  This is not a pocket-afterlife as finally revealed.  It is the lives of our characters had The Island not existed in some fashion.

In the campfire scene with Jacob, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate, we have a new info-dump.

*  *  *


We’ve been fighting to survive on this Island from day one!  Now you invite us around your campfire to tell us about ghosts and smoke creatures?  This is your mess and you want us to clean up after you?  Why the hell should we give a damn about you and your Island?


You don’t have to, James.  I understand your anger and I’m sorry.  I truly am.  But right now the world faces a greater danger.  The Island needs a guardian because what is at the heart of The Island could destroy the world.  My brother knows this.  If he leaves The Island he will cause untold damage, but he will eventually lead people back here.  This place must remain isolated.




Many cultures have a location they believe is an “axis mundi”.  These places are believed to be a line that connects Heaven to Earth to Hell.  It is a remnant of creation, a navel of the world.  While this isn’t an exact understanding, that is a good way to view this Island.  It is an axis mundi with a heart of creation energy.  In its diluted form, this energy registers as unfathomably strong electromagnetic energy.  In its undiluted form it represents pure potential.  Whoever controls this energy can re-shape creation.


I’ve told better lies while drunk, Obi-Wan.  If you can reshape creation, then bring Juliet back.


I can’t do that, James.  The guardian doesn’t control the energy.  He only protects it.  The energy is so intense that it will burn up most people who touch it.  However, certain people are inexplicably immune to it.  And some people, like my brother, access it via other means.


Access it how?


He was dead.  The energy re-constituted a body and his consciousness was attached to it.  I don’t know if it is really him or a remnant of him, but for all intents and purposes he is my brother.


And it’s this energy that causes him to change shape?




Dude.  That’s some major heavy sci-fi stuff.

*  *  *

In one way or another, we find that when Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb, it broke a vein of the creation energy, which enveloped her in a diluted form and created the parallel reality based on her dying wishes:  a world in which this never happened.  The problem is that reality is now split in two, and Smokey still needs to be prevented from leaving The Island.

Desmond is the variable.  Not only has he been able to travel through time, an aspect of his consciousness has been awakened in both realities.  Thus, he can exist simultaneously in each.  He is now working to re-awaken the one person who can defeat Smokey:  John Locke.  Locke is key because he is dead in the Primary Reality, but alive in the Flash-Sideways.  He is also key because this would be the culmination of his character arc, his attempt to be special and accomplish something great.  If Locke can re-awaken to his true nature, that this Sideways version of himself is a reflection, he can supplant Smokey in the Primary Reality.  Desmond attempts to recruit other Flash-Sideways characters to this end.  Smokey begins to exhibit Locke’s traits as Locke grows closer to enlightenment.  But there is one problem:  Sideways Ben Linus.  Ben, now aware of both realties, wants to prevent the re-merging.  He is happy with the Sideways reality and doesn’t want to deal with the guilt and consequences he may face in the Primary Reality.  He begins to work against Desmond.

Eventually, Desmond is successful.  Locke’s consciousness pushes out Smokey’s consciousness, and Sideways Locke is essentially resurrected in the Primary Reality.  While

Hello. I'm here to kill you now.

he was forced to sacrifice what he had in the Sideways Reality (which included Helen), he is now able to walk and he has saved the Primary Reality.  Smokey’s consciousness is shunted into that of a paralyzed and very mortal Sideways John Locke.  After a brief moment of panic, he finds himself at the hands of Sideways Ben, who doesn’t realize the consciousness jump has occurred and murders Sideways Locke/Smokey.  Thus, Smokey is killed by the man he manipulated into killing Jacob.

Desmond enters the Heart of the Island and re-merges both realities (at the point they are currently at), thus correcting what the Hydrogen Bomb initially split.

Jack, John, Hurley, and Ben stay on the Island to re-group the Others and continue guarding The Island.  Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Desmond, and Frank leave.  Kate tells Jack she will return when she sees Claire and Aaron settled.  Jack tells her to take her time and he will visit her soon enough.  And on a personal note, I wish to add that all the people who only seemed to exist in the Flash Sideways are still potential people.  Thus, Jack’s son may one day be born.

I admit that this ending is incomplete.  I haven’t really dealt with what happens on The Island while Desmond would be trying to awaken Locke.  But I think what I have come up with so far manages to provide answers and wrap-up certain story arcs more tightly than what we were given.


2 thoughts on “LOST – An Alternative Ending

  1. It’s funny because the Locke part was something that I had considered occurring while the show was going on. I kept expecting him to break through the Man in Black’s consciousness to take back his body. Alas, it never occurred.

    Personally, I really liked the finale, but I know that I am in the minority. Sure, the whole after life stuff seemed a little cheap given how much we cared about the sideways universe the entire season, but I still liked it.

    Overall though, I think I like your ending much better. Great points all around!

    • Thanks. I know what I came up with needs some major tweaking, but I think it addresses some issues that the finale didn’t. I also wanted to change as little as possible about the show up to this point.

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