More Music

Recently I discovered that when I listen to The White Stripes on the way to work, I feel that the day is going to be good, possibly fun, but undeniably quirky. Yesterday I listened to Radiohead, and felt nothing but dread for the day ahead. And yet, more so than The White Stripes, I connected emotionally with the lyrics in Radiohead’s song (it was “There, There”, incidentally). There is a certain dark, fairytale magic in this particular song, a feeling that is heightened by the music video. Anyway, Radiohead seems a band that perfectly captures a post-modern anxiety that lurks just below the technological sheen of our society. They are a distopian band. And while this fascinates me on the one hand, on the other hand, sometimes I just want to hear some distorted, blues-based guitar riffs.

All this said, I’m now ready to approach Radiohead’s most recent album “The King of Limbs.” I have heard that this one takes a bit of work, but I’m more eager to approach it than I was upon its original release. If I find great moments of profundity, I’m sure I will try to post them here.


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