A Reminder of My Own Insignificance

While driving through the Kroger parking lot in Mansfield, OH, I couldn’t help but be amazed that there are elderly people here as well.

Yes, this seems a silly thought, but let me completely unpack what I mean by this. To me, when I see the elderly people in Mansfield, it makes me realize that there are more people than I will ever come into contact with. This couple, walking to the car with their groceries, have lived a long life, the details of which I may never know. They fell in love and were married. They lived lives of joy or sorrow. They could be happy or they could be bitter. They may have many grandchildren or they may be the end of a family line. They will climb into their car and we will drive our separate ways and our knowledge of each other will fade into the distant memory of people passing in a parking lot. It doesn’t matter how many people you interact with on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter who brightens your day or who ruins it. There are more people in this world than you will ever know. And in that moment, sitting in my car, I found this overwhelming, amazing, and beautiful.


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