About Sacred Pop!

My name is Steven King. I am not the guy who wrote The Stand.

Instead, I am a Religious Studies/Professional Writing major at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. I do freelance editing and writing between homework assignments as well as preach the occasional sermon or teach the occasional Sunday School class.

As this blog suggests, I am particularly interested in popular culture as religious iconography and symbol for cultural narrative development. I am operating from a fairly inclusive definition of religion, with healthy doses of Tillich and ultimate concern. This blog will be my exploration of pop culture through a religious lens as well as a place for me to write about the books I’m reading for my classes (as well as those I am reading for fun).

I also maintain a Doctor Who blog, which touches on religious dimensions of Doctor Who on occasion, but is primarily concerned with my attempt to watch all the (surviving) episodes of the show in broadcast order.

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